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Gap Adventures
GAP is the world's largest adventure travel company providing more than 1,000 small group experiences in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. GAP provides tours to Africa, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Central America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, North America, South America, and the South Pacific. With award winning trips, GAP offers the largest variety of departure dates, the widest selection of small group tours, and the greatest variety of trip styles, service levels, and physical challenge to fit all budgets. GAP tours include all must-see highlights while still providing plenty of opportunity for independent discovery with plenty of optional activities. GAP is committed to providing an authentic vacation experience utilizing local transportation and authentic accommodations.

GAP recognizes that everyone has different ideal vacation dreams. Each traveler has different travel preferences and expectations, as well as budgets. With this in mind, GAP offers different trip styles including: Active, physical adventures; Canada Goose, winter adventures in various regions of the world; Classic, GAP's most popular tour style; Discovery Adventures; Expedition, polar adventures; Family, tours designed for families with shorter days and family-friendly venues and accommodations with a minimum age of 5 years old; Independent, providing maximum freedom and flexibility; Limited Edition, featuring the most exotic and exciting events on the planet; Overland, ride the Overland truck and visit locations with no vacation infrastructure; Volunteer, provides an opportunity to give back to the community you are visiting; and YOLO, adventure packed tours for those 18 to 35.

In addition to providing different tour styles, GAP also offers four levels of service ranging from basic to superior. Basic service equates tours at a budget price and provides just the basics so that you have the freedom to explore your destination on your own while truly having an authentic vacation. Standard service provides an authentic experience of local culture, ambiance, and people with reliable accommodations and travel. Comfort service affords an authentic travel experience with all the comforts of home. Superior service offers extremely comfortable transport, upscale accommodations, and the inclusion of most meals.

GAP also proudly provides different types of tours that reflect its acknowledgement that each traveler has different expectations and desires. Choose from: Chill Out, Culture/History, Cycling, Expedition Cruising, Family, Festivals, Kayak/Canoe, Photography, Rafting, Trekking/Hiking, Volunteer, Wildlife/Nature, and Yacht-Based Adventure.

GAP is truly a unique tour operator that really understands each traveler has unique travel dreams. GAP is committed to providing the ideal guided vacation adventure.