Concorde Hotels
Concorde is an international network of more than 27 four to five-star hotels that are truly unique in large part because of their location and architecture. The Concorde tradition dates back to 1855 and many of Concorde hotels are located in key cities in the world. Characterized by exceptional hospitality, refined comfort, exquisite cuisine, luxury and elegance, Concorde hotels truly provide the opportunity to "Travel in Style."

Concorde offers three categories of hotel; Gold, which is a world-renowned hotel with exceptional service, architecture, and location, Red, which provides world-known luxury aimed at international business and tourist guests, and Blue, which is the best hotel in a given city with top notch services. Concorde consistently offers specialty packages and is dedicated to incomparable support, service and venues for any type of meeting or event. For an unparalleled hotel experience and stay, Concorde will deliver.