Hesperia Hotels
Hesperia's 51 hotels are proud to be part of NH hotels, a multinational hotel chain that includes 400 operating hotels with over 60,000 rooms. NH hotels stand out for quality in both services and facilities, with carefully thought-out decor intended to please all tastes and guests' expectations. NH hotels offer state-of-the-art technologies designed to facilitate the guest's communication for work and leisure activities. The restaurants are an important priority offering guests first-rate cuisine.

Hesperia hotels, with more than 30 years of experience in the hotel sector, have a total of 7,786 rooms in 51 hotels. Most of the Hesperia locations are in main cities in Spain, with one in Andorra, one in London, and two in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Also included are the luxury urban hotels in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and La Coruna. All offer exclusive service and careful attention to the guest to ensure comfortable and high quality stays. One of the main characteristics of the Hesperia group is quality. The Hesperia slogan, "We are hoteliers", not only defines the character of the hotel chain, but also clearly communicates the companys commitment in providing its customers a complete quality service in all of its establishments. '