Shangrila Resorts
The Orient is famous for its wonderful culture and symbolisms and the Shangri La chain of hotels is no different. The most important aspect of the Shangri La chain of wonderful hotels is the philosophy surrounding these luxurious properties. You will be welcomed and feel safe and secure when you enter the delightful accommodations and ambiance of the Shangri La establishments.

Shangri La luxury hotels and resorts are located in some of the most key locations in the world. With 68 hotels and resorts at extensive worldwide locations, Shangri La hotels provide exuberant service, a full range of amenities, and stylish and beautiful d├ęcor, spaces, and accommodations. Shangri La hotels aspire to create a place and atmosphere of serenity and fine service.

Considered one of the top luxurious hotels in the Orient and the world, the Shangri La hotel chain takes significant pride in making your stay one of incredible satisfaction. This authentic chain lives up to its legendary reputation offering incredible and authentic service for its clientele.