Terms and conditions

Welcome to our Price Drop Security program ("PDS")! These terms and conditions will govern your PDS along with the SellOffVacations.com Terms and Conditions on the SellOffVacations.com website and set out in your invoice (the "SOV Terms and Conditions"). Any conflict between these terms and conditions and the SOV Terms and Conditions will be resolved in favour of these terms and conditions. All capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the SOV Terms and Conditions.

Through Price Drop Security, you can recover some of your travel costs through a one-time price adjustment of up to $200 per qualifying adult traveller on a Qualifying Vacation (Riu & Grand Sirenis). Your PDS payment will be calculated as the difference in price between the original package base price paid and the new listed base price minus a $50 administration fee per adult (the "Administration Fee"). Taxes, Insurance, change fees & other add-ons are not calculated as part of the price drop claim. The maximum amount that can be claimed is $200 less the Administration Fee per paying adult.

PDS claims for less than $50 per person will not qualify for adjustment. In order to be considered, claims must be submitted through the SellOffVacations.com online claim form a minimum of 45 days prior to departure date. Claims received within 45 days of your departure date will not be considered. A cheque reflecting the adult base package price difference (up to a maximum of $200 per adult less administration fee(s) will be sent to the Lead Passenger on approved claims. There is a maximum of one PDS claim per booking.


In order to qualify for a PDS claim, your booking must be provided by Sunwing Vacations on a qualifying Riu or Grand Sirenis vacation. The PDS program applies on vacations booked from May 19, 2023 and ending November 30, 202311:59pm EST, for travel departures and returns between November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024(inclusive).

All Cruise vacations, Group Bookings, air only, deviations or "Flight + Hotel" packages DO NOT apply. Deviations refer to changes, alterations or additions including passengers departing from separate cities and or bookings with different durations.

Key terms:

  • Only applies to qualifying vacations “Riu & Grand Sirenis exclusive vacation pricing”. Limit one PDS claim per booking. The new listed total price paid per adult on the vacation package must be at least $50 less than the original package total price paid per adult in order to qualify for PDS excluding insurance. The maximum amount that can be claimed is $200 per room less the $50 Administration Fee per paying adult.

  • In order for a vacation package to qualify for PDS, the listed product must have the identical departure & return dates, hotel, room category/ type, supplier/tour operator, airline, flight numbers, class of service and meal plan (ex: All-Inclusive, etc.).

  • Qualifying vacations are restricted to adult fares for new pre-packaged Sunwing vacation packages booked from May 19, 2023 to November 30, 2023 for travel November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.

  • PDS claims will be accepted only through the SellOffVacations claim form and the information will be captured electronically by SellOffVacations and reviewed within 7 business days. Should claims be accepted, claimants (lead customer) will be contacted by SellOffVacations through regular email channels shortly thereafter.

  • PDS claims will not be considered if they are received 45 days or less prior to the customer's departure.

  • Customers are solely responsible for researching package prices and initializing PDS claims.

  • The comparable price on the lower priced vacation will only be considered if the new vacation price is published on the www.SellOffVacations.com website and available at the time of verification. The determination of whether the PDS requirements have been met is within the sole discretion of SellOffVacations.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to identify price drops and initiate a PDS claim. In order to qualify for a PDS claim, the reduced package must be identical to the qualifying vacation originally booked, including (but not limited to); the departure date, duration, supplier, flight carrier, flight numbers (departure & return), class of service, hotel, room category and meal plan.

To initiate a claim, you must fill out the online claim form on SellOffVacations.com. A link to the claim form can be found here. SellOffVacations.com reserves the right to request additional information from you including a screenshot of the reduced price, in order to verify the PDS claim. A screen grab of the Booking summary, Step 2 of the booking process must be provided. The Booking summary is located to the right of the screen.  Acceptable forms of file type/screen grab are: .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .jpeg,. png, .tif, .qtf.  For mobile uploads, select from your photo library, take a photo or retrieve from file. No word documents accepted and will be rejected. You will receive email notification to advise if your PDS claim has been approved within approximately 3 business days of submitting your claim.

The price drop on the qualifying vacation must be available on SellOffVacations.com at the time of verification in order to be considered for a PDS claim. It is at the sole discretion of SellOffVacations.com, as to whether or not a PDS claim meets all of the requirements as outlined.

All invoices must be paid in full at the time of booking in order to be eligible for future PDS claims. PDS claims can only apply to the price on the pre-packaged vacation. Additional fees and products purchased are not considered as part of the original cost paid.

On approved PDS claims, cheques will be issued approximately 21 days after the scheduled departure date. In the event that an invoice is cancelled prior to departure, the PDS claim will no longer be valid.

The PDS offer does not represent a form of insurance and SellOffVacations.com will not be held responsible for any losses or damages that arise as a result of your participation in this promotion.

SellOffVacations.com reserves the right to change or cancel the PDS program at any time without prior written notice.

If you require any additional information contact us 1-877-SELL-OFF

"Customer" means an adult person that has purchased a Qualifying Vacation from SellOffVacations.com.

" Lead Customer" means the First Customer identified in the Customer Information section of the invoice.

"Qualifying Vacation" means one of the products listed in Schedule "A", purchased for an adult from SellOffVacations.com (and paid in full at the time of booking) during the Validity Period and for the departure dates specified in Schedule "A".

Offer is not combinable with discounts, vouchers or other promotions.